3 Amazon Beauty Products For A Low Maintenance Natural Look This Summer

3 Amazon Beauty Products For A Low Maintenance Natural Look This Summer

Summer is always the time of year where I always wish I was able to rock a natural look. Unlucky for me, I need a bit of help to pull off something like that šŸ™‚ Over the years I have found a few products that I’ve used consistently that help me achieve an effortless, low maintenance natural look and give me the confidence to leave the house without spending a bunch of time on my hair and makeup. The best part is, of these products are sold on Amazon! If you want more details on my experience with these products, feel free to shoot me a message!

My 3 Favorite Beauty Products For A Low Maintenance Natural Look

1. Babe Lash Eyelash Serum

Babe Lash

Have you ever felt like you can’t leave the house without mascara? What if your eyelashes were long and full naturally… so you didn’t even need mascara? That’s what’s great about Babe Lash. I have been using this product for YEARS. It is an eyelash serum that makes your eyelashes long, thick, and gorgeous. I absolutely love it. When you first start using it, apply it twice a day for faster growth. As your eyelashes grow, you can slow down to once a day and when you reach the desired length, apply it a few times a week for maintenance. I have dark eyelashes naturally, so when I use this serum, I really don’t even need mascara. If you have blonde or lighter lashes, you can always try an eyelash tint!

2. Wunderbrow


Eyebrows are the ONE thing I will absolutely not leave the house without filling in. I was very skeptical before trying Wunderbrow. It looked too good to be true and I wasn’t sure it would work for me. It claimed to be waterproof and smudge-proof, lastingĀ up to 2 days. So after watching just about every YouTube review I could find, I decided to try it. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t work quite as well for me as it seems to for everyone else. My eyebrow hair is dark and course, with patches that need to be filled in, so they’re kind of hard to work with. But it does still work great!! It is pretty waterproof and doesn’t rub off. It will last for the most part overnight, and I’m a wild sleeper. Wunderbrow allows me to have a day at the pool or an overnight camping trip without worrying about if my brows have completely worn off. The color I got, pictured above, is Black/Brown. It looks really light and my brows are pretty dark but once I added a few coats it matched really well. I also recommend applying it with an angled brush instead of the applicator for a more precise brow.

3. Jellua Squid Ink Shampoo & Conditioner


This. Stuff. Is. GOLD. In the humid summer especially, my hair gets frizzy, wavy, and super hard to maintain. I worked at a salon distributor store for 5 years, so you can imagine how many hair products I’ve tried. Jellua was the only product I tried that really did a good job at controlling my frizz, keeping my hair soft and shiny, and detangling it enough to be able to wear my hair curly without brushing it(Girls with curly hair will feel my pain on this one). The formula behind Jellua is from South Korea and yes, it does have squid ink in it. That is the secret ingredient! The shampoo will be a dark brown color but don’t worry if you have blonde hair, the color won’t affect your hair. The Keratin and amino acids in the squid ink help to repair each hair follicle andĀ restoreĀ proteins that have been damaged or lost. Jellua has other natural ingredients that work wonders for your hair like green tea,Ā morus alba bark extract, and oils of lavendar and orange. The lavendar and orange oils also make the smell AMAZING.Ā This shampoo and conditioner allows me to just let my hair air dry and not worry about how frizzy and nasty it looks! I am obsessed with this product.

In Summary

My 3 must have low maintenance beauty products for summer:


Give these products a try and I’d love to hear what you think! Do you have any other beauty products that you love for a natural look? Share them in the comments below!

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