How I Eat Clean Without Meal Prepping (Vegan + Gluten Free Too!)

How I eat Vegan, Gluten Free, and Sugar Free with a busy schedule without meal prepping

Hi loves! I want to share with you something incredible I discovered awhile back that was a complete game changer for me when it came to eating clean. This is not a sponsored post, I am truly obsessed with the meal delivery service I am about to share with you, but I DO have a discount code for you at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

You know by know I’m an enthusiastic advocate for clean eating, and also used to be a pretty religious weekly meal prepper.ย 

But when I moved to Los Angeles, I found myself struggling to make enough time to meal prep and grocery shop. My schedule was constantly packed with work, gym sessions or workout classes, and social activities. I was making the most out of my time and was always on the go, and I loved it! I had so many cool new opportunities and things to do, I found it hard to even WANT to make time for meal prepping, even though I had my process so streamlined it only took me about an hour start to finish to prepare my meals for the entire week.

Still, I love eating clean consistently and although there are a lot more healthy restaurants and fast food options in LA than there were back home, I wanted to find something to make my life even easier while still eating 100% clean.

I also wanted to start eating more plant based and gluten free, but didn’t want to worry about getting all my nutrients an proper macro ratios. I didn’t want to spend more time cooking either to be plant based – a lot of the plant based meals I was trying to make were a little more time consuming to prepare and cook, prepping more veggies, cooking tofu and beans or legumes, etc were not quite as easy as throwing a whole bag of frozen chicken in the oven like I was used to.

So how could I eat clean, plant based, and get all my nutrients without meal prepping or grocery shopping at all?

I knew there had to be something out there for me! After tons of searching and reading reviews…

That’s when I found Thistle Meal Delivery Service!ย

Thistle is a California-based meal delivery service with a plant-based subscription option, all made with high-quality and nutritionally dense ingredients. They focus on delicious, nutritious plant-forward meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices, too! Not a vegan or vegetarian? They have meat options as well for each meal. Oh also, all their meals are free of refined carbs and sugars, gluten free AND dairy free! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to mention, every single meal is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!

So what are Thistle’s meals like?

With Thistle you can choose breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. They also have snacks, side salads, soups, fresh pressed juices and wellness shots. Let me tell you one thingโ€ฆ I have NEVER gotten sick of my Thistle meals like I have with a few other meal delivery services I’ve tried. 

Their menus are mindfully designed by chefs to meet your macronutrient needs and provide your body with vitamins and minerals found in whole, organic foods – free of added sweeteners and preservatives. Thistle meals have an average of 5.8 unique fruits and veggies, plant or meat options, that are all locally-sourced and organic when possible! Not to mention each meal is PACKED with superfoods, they have 40+ superfoods in the meals on their menu like turmeric, maca, spirulina, ginger, matcha, chia & moringa. All of their meals are gluten and dairy free ๐Ÿ™‚

How does Thistle meal delivery work?

Thistle delivers RIGHT to your door!

Before each week, I log in to Thistle and choose which meals I want, add more meals and snacks if I want, or I can completely skip a delivery if I want, for no charge.

When you choose your subscription, you also choose how many days you want to receive meals. You can always add extra meals, but the minimum amount of meals you can get per week is 3. (Unless you are skipping deliveries for that week)

My subscription plan is for lunches 5 days a week, for Monday through Friday, and my meals are delivered Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night. Thistle ONLY delivers two days of meals at a time, because the meals are seriously fresh. They have some flexibility with choosing your delivery time and in my experience they’ve been pretty good with customer service if something isn’t working out for me.ย 

Cost: Since I am currently only getting 5 meals a week, I pay about $14.50 per meal (which is STILL cheaper than eating out) but the more meals you get, the cheaper each meal becomes. For example if you get both lunches and dinners 5 days a week, the price of each meal will be lower.

On my delivery days, they deliver my food right outside my apartment door in an insulated bag with ice packs, so it’s good for a few hours if you can’t get to it right away!ย

Before they deliver, I leave the delivery bag and ice packs from the last delivery outside my door for them to pick up, but if you do keep them, you don’t get charged. I have kept quiet a few bags, they are great quality and insulated, which makes them awesome reusable shopping bags or travel bags if I’m going somewhere I need to bring food or drinks!ย 

Why I love Thistle:

I seriously feel like I’m eating from a gourmet restaurant… EVERY. DAY.

The reason I love Thistle so much is because of their meals – I seriously feel like I’m eating from a gourmet restaurant… EVERY. DAY. Every meal is so diverse, so fun and colorful, I literally want to Instagram each meal.ย 

I’m never hungry after a meal.

They’re also SUPER filling because of how nutrient dense they are. I’m never hungry after a meal like you can be sometimes after eating salads if they don’t have all the great stuff your body needs.ย 

I crave sweets and junk food less.

I crave sweets and junk food WAY less because I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself at all. These meals are so freaking good I feel like every one is a cheat meal!! For someone who used to seriously go hard on Sunday brunch buffets because it was my “cheat meal” for the week, now I’d rather have my Thistle meals ๐Ÿ™‚ย
They also have soups($5) and side salads($9) that you can add onto your deliveries.

It’s easier to detox and lose weight.

Thistle meals make it WAY easier to lose weight and detox. Have I mentioned their meals are clean and free of refined sugars? if you’ve read my blog posts on those topics, you know how much of a difference cutting out refined carbs and sugars makes when you’re trying to lose weight, or just feel healthier in general. If you haven’t had a chance to read them, check them out here:

I save a LOT of time.

It saves me sooo much time. I don’t have to spend any time preparing, grocery shopping for, or even THINKING about my meals for the week! The meals are delivered literally RIGHT to my apartment door, already prepared and packaged in single-portion containers. I can have my meal plan completely on auto pilot, and what I’m going to eat every day is one less thing for me to worry about!ย It’s soooo easy just to grab one of the meals to take to work for lunch.

It’s affordable.

It’s affordable. Yeah it’s still more expensive than meal prepping at $11-14 a meal, but for the amount of time I save (and money I save buying extra stuff I don’t really need at the grocery store) it is SO worth it. You are literally getting gormet meals delivered to your door. You would spend WAY more eating out for lunch every day. Plus, the more meals you get per week from Thistle, the cheaper each meal is.

So how do you get started with Thistle?

Just sign up on their website, and if you use this link you will get a $50 credit after your first month with Thistle!

*Note: I do NOT get paid by Thistle if you sign up using my affiliate link, however I do receive some account credit ONLY if you complete a full month with Thistle. It’s like buying me a coffee, but in the form of healthy food! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you love Thistle as much as I do, and happy clean eating! ๐Ÿ™‚

xoxo, Nicole

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